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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Sigma with sound clips and images.

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Sigma is the main protagonist of Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, and a key character in its followup, Zero Time Dilemma.

Like Junpei, Sigma is an ordinary college student who randomly finds himself abducted and thrust in the middle of the Ambidex Game, with no idea where he is, who is responsible, or who the eight fellow players he is with truly are. Though Junpei had his moments of exasperation, Sigma's personality is a lot more outwardly blunt, always finding time to make snarky wisecracks, snipe back-and-forth with Phi, and never afraid to express exactly what he feels of a given situation.

Of course, unbeknownst to him, the one responsible for getting Sigma into his current mess... is Sigma himself, 50 years in the future. The mysterious Zero who runs the Ambidex Game is in fact Dr. Sigma Klim, aged 67 years old. And to put things simply, the Sigma who participates in the Ambidex Game is his younger mind, transported to the future using Dr. Klim's body as a vehicle.

Indeed, due to the series's time travel shenanigans, Zero Time Dilemma depicts the opposite of Virtue's Last Reward - Sigma's weathered, "Dr. Klim" mind, transported to the past in his younger body, in order to further his goal of stopping the Radical-6 outbreak that would end the world during that game's time period. As "Dr. Klim", Sigma is somewhat more aloof, reserved, and focused on the goal, though he still has moments of rash impulsivity.

Confused yet? Okay, well, all you need to know is that we essentially have Troy Baker as the "standard", college-aged Sigma, Jamieson Price as the aged, "Zero" Sigma who ran the Ambidex Game for a noble reason, and Matthew Mercer as "Zero" Sigma in "standard" Sigma's body - all as part of Akane's plan to save humanity.

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Troy Baker always excels at playing devil-may-care, slightly rogueish and snarky characters, and since Sigma is just that, he's a really natural fit for the part. It should be noted that in order to preserve the twist of Sigma actually being a young man in an old man's body, Troy only voices Sigma during the game's promotional OVA, rather than the game itself. While I understand why he doesn't do the voice in the game as well, I do think it's a shame we never got to hear his voice as Sigma in either of the games proper.

Jamieson Price briefly plays "Zero" Sigma as a hologram during one of Virtue's Last Reward's most chilling scenes, and he sounds great. Price is normally known for playing roles that range from hammy and boisterous, to reserved and sinister, and while it is kind of an obvious choice for the role, hiring him to pull off the latter this time around  definitely lends a very haunting presence to Zero's brief appearance.

I feel that it's not totally right to think of Matt's performance here as simply a Troy Baker impression, since if I had to go out on a limb, if he was the original VA I'd imagine his performance would probably sound like this to begin with. Plus he actually was the one here with the most material to work with. But regardless I feel that if they are considered as "impressions", Matthew Mercer's Troy Baker replacements tend to work best when he's talking normally, and since ZTD Sigma is his much more reserved self, the effect works pretty well for the most part. It does waver a bit as an impression during Sigma's rasher moments, and his voice is a bit smoother than Troy's slightly rough texture so the change is noticeable to the trained ear. But as a performance on its own merits, he gets the job done, shows off a more remorseful Sigma who lays his emotions bare, and actually manages to bridge the gap between the two actors pretty well.

Overall I'm going with Troy, but I do appreciate what the other two actors bring to the role.



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