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Mako Tsunami

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Mako Tsunami with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Mako Tsunami is an honorary fisherman who wants to become the greatest fisherman ever in honor of his father, who died on a shipwreck (in the dub, Mako is searching for his long-lost father, who survived the shipwreck, indicated by a missing lifeboat).

Created by Bry on Dec 15 2018


Andrew Rannells - While not the most original voice, pulls off a good performance for the character. I kinda wish he gritted his voice a bit, to fit the design better, but oh well.

Dwayne Tan - The voice is sneery, and the acting is really uncomfortable sounding, like he's sometimes putting on an accent, sometimes not? Incredibly inconsistent, and frankly the weakest of the three

Daniel J. Edwards - Daniel replaces Andrew for the Duel Links app, and I gotta give him major props to him voice matching Andrew (he kinda reminds me of a certain Ben Diskin, too).

While not being big on any, I'll probably cast my vote off to sea for Andrew. Daniel is a close second, while Dwayne is a faaar third.



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Who do you think has been the best from these Mako Tsunami voice actors?
Andrew Rannells
Dwayne Tan
Daniel J. Edwards