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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Dark Fact with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Ys

Created by Pokejedservo on Aug 21 2010


Alright folks today we start the VC section for the classic Action RPG series "Ys" and I thought why not start this off with the original main villain of the series DARK FACT! In the classic Turbo Grafx CD (also on the Wii's Virtual Console) game Ys Book I & II he was voiced by Michael Bell. One of the various reasons why this game was deemed to be such a pleasant surprised is the good voice talent that Hudson/Falcom surprisingly used for this game and this is one of the reasons why. While this isn't the first time Michael Bell had a antagonist role (but probably one of the first in which he didn't use a higher scratchier voice) but this is still an interesting change of pace for his handiwork. Michael Bell's voice and performance gives a fairly smooth, sinister touch and yet still suits Dark Fact's young pretty boy apearance. While Dark Fact didn't exactly say much but still Michael Bell's performance as Dark Fact is still probably one of the better performances in that game.

There was also an Anime for the Ys series that came out in the late 80's at about the same time as the aforementioned game however the anime never had an English release until over a decade later in the early 2000's by Media Blasters. And in Media Blasters' dub of the series Dark Fact was voiced by Lex Lang in which its not often that he gets to play the role of the main villain as well. Lex is also able to deliver a suitably sinister performance as well granted he seems to be playing the role as a bit more of prideful arrogant megalomaniac whom seems to be all for the "Peace through Tyranny" mindset. I admit its not one of Lex Lang's most memorable performances but it is a good one nevertheless. Overall while I by all means liked them both I suppose I am going Michael Bell a bit more here.



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