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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Juli Mizrahi with sound clips and images.

Number of Comparisons: 3
Franchise: Xenosaga

Juli Mizrahi is one of the various secondary protagonists in the Xenosaga series whom appeared in the first game of the series. Dr. Juli Mizrahi is the founder and head of S.O.C.E (Subcommittee of Close Encounters) whom investigates the appearances of the Alien Scourge known as the Gnosis. She is also the ex-wife of the late Jaochim Mizrahi whom created M.O.M.O and the founder of the U-TIC organization in which her first scene in the series to get the cyborg Ziggurat 8 to rescue M.O.M.O from the U-TIC organization. While Juli is M.O.M.O's legal mother she was distant and uncomfortable around M.O.M.O (due to their pasts) but thanks to Ziggy's help she becomes a lot more caring and motherly to M.O.M.O over the course of the series.

Created by Pokejedservo on Feb 12 2012


Today on the Xenosaga series we take a look at M.O.M.O's mother... JULI MIZRAHI! Lets begin shall we?

Carolyn Hennesy- Carolyn's performance was also rather suiting as it sounds aloof but not too overly cold and emotionless either.

Kim Mai Guest- This is a fairly good example of Kim's work as while Kim's voice for the role is a bit lighter compared to Carolyn's (but to be fair it does work with how Juli does become more of a warmer and more motherly figure to MOMO in this game). But anyways Kim's overall work on the role does suit the role as a cool-mannered professional scientist whom is learning to be more caring again.

Tiffany Grant- I like Tiffany Grant, really I do but she seems a little miscast here as her voice for this role is a little bit too high (I mean yes I know that Carolyn's and Kim's voices for this role were not all that low either but still). But to be fair Tiffany's performance is pretty good as it does suit Juli's persona fairly well, but lets just say its not one of her better performances.

Overall I am going with Carolyn Hennesy with Kim Mai Guest at a close 2nd and Tiffany Grant at an okay third.



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