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Multiple Man
X-Men X-Men

Multiple Man

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Multiple Man with sound clips and images.
Franchise: X-Men

Multiple Man is one of the various characters in the X Men franchise however while he is firmly established as an X-Men character his debut was in 4th issue of Giant Size Fantastic Four back in April of 1975. One highly consistent attribute about Multiple Man A.K.A Jamie Maldrox is that his mutant ability is that he can duplicate himself several times every time he is either touched or touches himself. However one inconsistent thing is whether if he is a hero or a villain as he was originally the former but there has been well more than one story that has went with the latter. 

Created by Pokejedservo on Jul 24 2011


Today on the X Men VC section we have a little something for this man whom has been both an ally and a foe of the X Men... MULTIPLE MAN! We shall actually begin with X Men Evolution where he was re-imagined as a kid and was voiced by then child actor David A. Kaye. While its pretty safe to say that X Men Evolution definitely took a different approach to Multiple Man as he is more of a "Kid Brother" of the team but to be honest I do think that David's performance does work with this take on the role. I mean yes it is strange to see Multiple Man as the youngest member of the X Men here but still when you view it on its own merits David's performance does suit the "Kid Brother" feel that the show was going for. So to make a long story short David A. Kaye's work as Multiple Man is a pretty good example of the voice work in the series, unfortunately Multiple Man was one of the New Mutants that didn't get all that many lines.

Now for the original X Men Legends game where Dee Bradley Baker voiced Multiple Man. Unlike his X Men Evolution counterpart this attempt at a Heroic Multiple Man is much more of a conventional take on the role here. Dee's Multiple Man voice does seem rather nasally but to be honest I do think that Dee's performance does make it work. I rather liked Dee's performance as Multiple Man as it does give a good feeling of an easy-going nice guy whom also tries to be a bit of a charmer as well. So in other words I was pleasantly surprised by Dee's work as Multiple Man and I found it to be a good example of the voice work in that game.

Now for the "evil" depictions of Multiple Man in which Eric Dane takes over the role in X Men The Official Game in which he reprises his role from the movie X Men The Last Stand. Eric's work for the role is decent as it does somewhat fir the "brutish thug" feel they were going for here even if it does come off as a bit generic. But to be fair Eric Dane's work for the role isn't bad per say as I have heard a lot worse but I have heard better in this game. Now for the other "evil" depiction in which Crispin Freeman played the role in one episode of Wolverine and the X Men as one of Mr. Sinister's thugs. While Multiple Man was just simply a evil minion Crispin's work on the role does feel a bit cooler as his performance did show off a cocky attitude well enough. However the main problem here is that Multiple Man didn't have all that many lines in that show but Crispin did show some potential with what little material he got here.

Last but not quite the least is Wally Wingert whom voiced Multiple Man in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (and while Multiple Man appeared in all the versions of the game he only had a speaking role in the Wii/PS2/PSP version of the game.) Alike Wolverine and the X Men, Multiple Man has a small role in this game (mainly in the versions where he actually speaks.) Wally's voice for the role was decent I guess but to be fair he really wasn't given all that much material to work so in other words one can more blame the game for making Multiple Man seem like a generic antagonistic minion than anything else. But to be fair Wally's work as Multiple Man is decent enough  I guess as it is an okay example of his work. Overall I am going with Dee Bradley Baker the most with David A. Kaye and Crispin Freeman at second with Eric Dane and Wally Wingert at an okay third. 



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