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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Morph with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: X-Men

(Warning: This VC contains spoilers for the 90's X-Men animated series.)

Morph is a shape-shifting mutant and is one of the various members of the X-Men whose comic book debut was in Exiles #1 in August of 2001 (though he was originally known as Changeling whose first comic book appearance was in X-Men Volume 1 #35 in August of 1967). However Morph's history is rather complicated as while he was always a shape-shifter he was originally known as Changeling but was re-imagined as Morph and was given a more comical personality in the X-Men Animated Series (though the fact that DC Comics trademarked the name was also why he became known as Morph).Anyways Morph's real name is Kevin Sydney who has the power to shapeshift into anyone he can think of and is known for his jovial comical personality as he is normally known as a easy-going friendly prankster. While like many other comic book characters Morph's role in the storyline can go from a tragic "sad clown" role to a more consistently cheerful and heroic role he is consistently known as another loyal member of the X-Men team.

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Alright folks today in the X-Men VC section we take a look at this shape-shifter with the rather complicated origin... MORPH! Let us begin...

Ron Rubin- Ron does a fine job with the roles more comical moments early in the series when we was known as a comical easy-going joester. Though Ron' also did a fine dramatic performance when Morph became a more tragic "hero turned villain but is trying to become a hero again" role a little later on in the show. Anyways Ron's voice and performance felt very natural and is a fine example of the voice work in the show and is probably one of the best examples of Ron's work.

Tom Kenny- Okay first of all I am well aware that this is another example of a highly uneven VC as Tom has barely any material here as Morph was one of the various NPCS in that game with barely any lines. However I will say that Tom has a lot of potential as his voice and performance suited the role very well. Granted Tom barely had any material to work with here but Tom's performance on the role suited Morph's cheerful and comical persona rather well and its a pretty good example of Tom's work.

Overall both of these guys did fine work on the role here and while Ron's work is quite classic but Tom's work does have a lot of potential.



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