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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Master Mold with sound clips and images.
Franchise: X-Men

Master Mold is one of the various antagonists of the X-Men Franchise and has been in the X-Men comics since December of 1965. Master Mold is the creation of Dr. Bolivar Trask, known Anti-Mutant Scientist as the main controlling source of the Sentinels and the Machine that Mass-Manufactures the Sentinels as well. Master Mold and the Sentinels were created by Trask to protect Humans from Mutants however Master Mold doesn't believe in seeing Humans and Mutants as different creatures unlike Trask unfortunately this means that Master Mold wants to capture and attack any human regardless of whether if they have Mutant Powers or not. While Master Mold has appeared in more adaptations than what this Voice Compare would suggest however most of the adaptations that Master Mold appeared in did not give him a speaking role.

Created by Pokejedservo on Jul 7 2011


Today on the X-Men Voice Compare section we have a little something for the Big Robot behind the Sentinels... MASTER MOLD! We shall begin with the early 90s X Men series in which Master Mold appeared for an episode and was voiced by David Fox. Granted David Fox's voice for Master Mold is barely any different from his voice for the Sentinels but then again all things considered that Master Mold made the Sentinels in its image especially considering on how the series went with Master Mold's original look this is understandable. Anyways David's voice for Master Mold is suitably robotic as I can say the same for his performance (but I did like on how David did add a bit of megalomaniac arrogance to his performance and make it work for the role). While Master Mold appeared a lot less than the Sentinels but David Fox's performance as Master Mold was still a pretty good example of the voice work in the series.

In Wolverine and the X Men Master Mold appeared a bit more regularly and was this time voiced by Gwendoline Yeo. Yes apparently Wolverine and the X-Men went for a somewhat more unconventional route as while the Sentinels are pretty much the same Master Mold is not as it now has a rather feminine voice and body which lets just say might seem a little strange. However in all fairness despite the obviously different gender Master Mold is still pretty much the same character anyways as the leading/manufacturing force behind the Sentinels. While obviously in this case the show doesn't have to worry about Master Mold sounding too much like the Sentinels but fortunately Gwendoline's voice for Master Mold does sound different enough from her Domino voice. While the robotic voice effects for Gwendoline's Master Mold voice are a bit lighter than how Robotic voices normally go on a X Men production Gwendoline does a decent job in making it work as her performance does have a cold and robotic feel to it. Overall I am not entirely sure who to go for here as both of these folks did alright in their own way. 



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