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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Blob with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: X-Men

Blob is a mutant and a recurring antagonist of the X-Men who first appeared in X-Men #3 (January 1964). Blob's real name is Fred J. Dukes and his mutant physiology gives him an obese body with superhuman strength, superhuman endurance and a powerful skin that is difficult to penetrate. He can affect his personal gravity, making him immovable. Dukes was originally a part of a circus sideshow under the moniker 'The Blob' until he was contacted by Professor Xavier, who asks him to join the X-Men. He refuses and he, along with his other circus performers attack the X-Men. They were defeated and Xavier wipes their minds of the incident. Later, sometime after he regains his memories, Blob joins the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants after Magneto offers him membership and while they attack the X-Men, Magneto attacks the X-Men when the other Brotherhood members were in the way. Feeling betrayed by Magneto, Blob leaves the group and begins his own criminal career. After being incarcerated, Mystique frees him and he joins her own reformed Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with the likes of Pyro, Destiny, and Avalanche. Together Blob and the Brotherhood engaged in acts of terrorism for mutant kind, one of them including the assassination attempt of Senator Robert Kelly.

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Fred Tatasciore