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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Rhyme with sound clips and images.
Franchise: World Ends With You

Rhyme is Beat's younger sister, and his partner for the first week of The Game. Whereas Beat is a rough-and-tumble punk, Rhyme has a more positive and peaceful demeanour, in spite of her streetlike origins. Though The Game isn't easy for everyone, Rhyme provides a beam of sunshine that helps keep everyone's spirits alive... Beat's moreso than he realizes at the time.
Created by NCZ on Jun 6 2018
The World Ends With You (2008)
RhymeKate Higgins
Kate Higgins
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (2012)
RhymeAshley Rose Orr
Ashley Rose Orr


Rhyme is the least-voiced of TWEWY's cast, so Kate Higgins mainly got the role because she was already voicing Yashiro. But  I think this is one convenience cast that actually works for the best - on paper she's actually a great choice. Kate is great at playing upbeat characters and while Rhyme may be androgynous, her natural voice is girlish enough to sell things believably. I actually wish she got to be Rhyme's fulltime VA, but since she got recast in both languages I guess that was never what SE wanted. Alas.
Ashley I think sounds a little close to Shiki (Heather Hogan). I think that's fine in itself and she gets the job done, but on a personal level they ultimately have different personalities and I think it's important to differentiate that. She does make Rhyme sound appropriately sweet, I just think Kate's acting sells things a bit more as a character here and that's probably testament to how good an actor she is.



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Kate Higgins
Ashley Rose Orr