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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Princess Bloom with sound clips and images.

Number of Comparisons: 7
Franchise: Winx Club

Princess Bloom is the central character of the Italian cartoon franchise, "Winx Club". She is a cheerful and amiable girl who cares deeply about those around her, especially her family and friends. While she normally carries a gentle personality, she is prone to be confused and frustrated when something is not right. She is erest in learning new things, especially her new identity as a fairy, even though her skills were not as well versed in the beginning. Throughout the series, her age progresses from 16 to 18 and counting.

In the English version of the first 3 seasons of Winx Club produced for North American, British, and Australian markets by 4Kids, Bloom was voiced by Liza Jacqueline. 

In an alternate English version of the first 4 seasons of the Winx Club TV series produced by RAI DUE (the international distributor) in association with Cinelume in Eastern Canada for various international markets, including the European DVD release, as well as the Australian broadcast of Season 4, Bloom was voiced by Helena Evangeliou for the first 3 seasons before the role was recast with Angela Galuppo for the 4th. 

In the English-language versions of the first two CGI Winx Club movies produced by RAI DUE in association with Dubbing Brothers USA in Los Angeles, California, United States, Bloom was voiced by Cindy Robinson.

In the modern version of the Winx Club franchise produced by Nickelodeon and Rainbow S.p.A (the original Italian producers), Bloom is voiced by television actress, Molly C. Quinn. 

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Liza Jacqueline
Helena Evangeliou
Angela Galuppo
Cindy Robinson
Molly C Quinn
Haven Paschall
Emily Cramer