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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Swoop with sound clips and images.
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Swoop is known as one of the Dinobots in the Transformers franchise whom first appeared in the 10th episode of the original Transformers TV Series. Swoop is normally known as the smallest and most agile of the Dinobots as his beast form is normally a Pterodactyl (but has also occasionally a jet when he is not being a dinobot). While Swoop is a bit smarter than the other Dinobots (though its usually not saying much) though Swoop is generally known as the nicest of the Autobots (though whether he is a genuinely nice guy in general or just nicer than the other Dinobots does differ on the continuity). However while Swoop is nicer than the other Dinobots he can show an arrogant and disobedient side as well its just that unlike the other Dinobots he is a little better at it than the others.

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Today on the Transformers VC section we take a look at this aerial Dinobot... SWOOP! Let us begin...

Michael Bell- Michael's rather high and scratchy voice for the role was quite a natural fit for the role here as his performance does suit on how while Swoop is a bit smarter and nicer than the other Dinobots he is still very much a Dinobot. Even though Swoop only occasionally gets to be in a episode where he has more than a line or few Michael does a rather memorable performance and its a good example of his work on the show.

Eric Artell- Eric's voice and performance for the role here is basically okay but rather generic, though to be fair Eric has very little material to work with here so its basically an average-at-best example of the game's voice work.

Mark Allen Stewart- Mark's work on the role does suit a more intelligent depiction of Swoop rather well. Granted the slight New Yorker accent in Mark's voice for the role did feel a little strange at first but other than that Mark's work suited a smarter Swoop pretty well as his performance does suit Swoop's friendly nature. Basically Mark's work as Swoop is pretty good in general and a good example of the voice work in the game.

Overall I am clearly going with Michael and Mark the most with Eric at a rather average second.



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Who do you think has been the best from these Swoop voice actors?
Michael Bell
Eric Artell
Mark Allan Stewart