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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Strika with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Jun 24 2010


OK folks for this Transformers Voice Compare here is one of the few female Deceptions in the whole franchise (which aside from Blackarachnia is often not considered to be all that memorable). But unlike the more known Blackarachnia and the lesser known Thunderblast whom are attempts at "curvy femme fatales", Strika on the other hand is a very large bruiser and as callous as this may sound but their voices are the only thing remotely "feminine" about them.

Strika's debut was from the often-reviled (but has its fair share of defenders) Beast Machines where she is voiced by Ocean Group VA Patricia "Balalaika" Drake. While Patricia's work as Strika is not the most memorable out of the BM newcomers but her work certainly did the job as a rather low very rough voice with a bit of an accent but it didn't feel too forced. Not the best performance in that show but Patricia Drake's work as Strika was certainly above average.

In Transformers Animated she was a one-shot character but in a very similar style and role to her BM counterpart in which was voiced by VA Tara Strong. And while Strika's depiction in TFA was very much in spirit with her depiction in BM and Tara's voice for Strika was very much like Patricia's, the only differences are that Tara's voice sounds a bit more brutish and the accent in her Strika voice is a bit thicker. But what can I say? Tara's voicework for Strika also works for the role pretty well and is fairly above average as well.

Overall I am pretty much going with a tie on this one here.



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Patricia Drake
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