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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Spike Witwicky with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Transformers

Spike Witwicky is a close friend of the Autobots, and is one of their main allies against the Decepticons. Over the course of the series, he began as a fourteen year old boy helping his father, Sparkplug, to an adult fathering his child named Daniel with his spouse, Carly. Also, he said a no-no word that one time.

Created by Bry on Dec 19 2018


Corey Burton's take is classic, playing both the fourteen year old Spike and the older-fatherly Spike. Here, we're going to be comparing the two when they are adults. Corey's spirit and love towards his family and helping the Autobots is really effective, and you can tell Spike truly cares about them.

Jack Murphy's take is alright, really not the worst I've heard from the Omni dub. It's not exactly prime material, but it's an okay take. Compared to Corey however, Jack's take is just through and through forgettable.

Going with Corey.



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