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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Silverbolt with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Aug 26 2009
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Yes this is another addition of a Transformers Voice Compare that's more like "Which Version of this character do you prefer?" But to be fair while both Silverbolts are considerably different creatures both do have a rather memorable presence in their own right in each shows. In the original series he was the leader of the Aerialbots, the Autobots team of planes that can form the gestalt Superion.

In the original series Silverbolt was voiced by known VA Charlie Adler and this occurred early in Charlie Adler's career. And to be honest I actually thought it was one of his better performances in his career, it has a nice moderate tone and Charlie Adler's performance was able to suit Silverbolt's insecure but willing to do the right thing persona well.

In Beast Wars he was voiced by Scott McNeil in one of the 4 reasons why Beast Wars made him such a Fan Favorite. After all I believe Garry "Optimus Primal" Chalk said it best namely "I love Silverbolt, because he's so straight and so deadly earnest." But still Scott McNeil was perfectly suitable for the role of Silverbolt in the series by both voice and performance.

Both are very good but in this case I will go with Beast Wars a bit more here.



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Who do you think has been the best from these Silverbolt voice actors?
Charlie Adler
Scott McNeil
Patrick Seitz
Garry Chalk