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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Hot Shot with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Transformers

Created by Pokejedservo on Jun 25 2010
Special thanks to NCZ, TylerMirage for additional sound clips.


Alrighty then folks today's Transformers Voice Compare shall be for Hot Shot, and yeah this will cover different versions of the same character like many other Transformers compares. (But to be fair I have seen far worse cases of this for this franchise.)

While he is not as known the idea of a Transformers character by the name of "Hot Shot" originated in Transformers Robots in Disguise in which he was voiced by Voice Actor Michael McConnohie. In this version of Hot Shot he is an old soldier in which while he is not the same rank as Optimus Prime he is a known authority figure as the leader of the Spychangers. While McConnohie is well known for "Authority" roles and this is a pretty good reason why, not the best reason why but a good one nevertheless. (And he definitely sounds different enough from his other fine handiwork in the show namely Ironhide.)

Now the more known version of Hot Shot is from the Unicron Trilogy in which during Transformers Armada and Energon he is voiced by Ocean Group VA Brent Miller. And this version of Hot Shot is a rather inexperienced but well meaning young man whom gradually grows into being more mature in which Brent certainly did do the job well and is overall a genuinely above average performance. (While he is not one of the best male Ocean VAs IMO it is a shame that Brent hasn't done much voice work after this.)

In Transformers Cybertron though he is voiced by Ocean Group VA Kirby Morrow. In which Kirby's performance for Hot Shot is often considered to be inspired by Ian James Cortlett's performance as Cheetor in Beast Wars and I can see why. (Though I am not complaining as this attempt at a IJC-like performance from Kirby did work better than his pretty good but average attempt at voicing Goku but that's a different story.) While things go a bit different for TFC's Hot Shot as he is a rather bit of a Speed Junkie but the characterization over the course of the series is overall rather similar. While this isn't one of Kirby's best performances he does give a nice youthful energetic feel for Hot Shot and it certainly worked for the role well.

And last but not least is his one-shot role in Transformers Animated voiced by Bill Fagerbakke (in which in this clip all of his dialogue in this show is in this clip and with TFA's version of Red Alert.) While TFA's Hot Shot was a One-Scene Wonder he is a slight mix of RiD's Hot Shot and Unicron Trilogy's Hot Shot with some of his own unique features. Bill ends up giving this Hot Shot a bit of a Southern accent and his performance did certainly suit how HS' only speaking scene well.

(Though at least this performance and to a greater extent alongside other one-shot role Master Disaster ended up being good proof that Bill actually does have a vocal range and that not all of his voices sound like his renowned work on Broadway from Gargoyles.)

Overall I am not entirely sure what to go with here as they all have done well with this role.



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