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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Frenzy with sound clips and images.
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Frenzy was a Decepticon from the original lineup of the first Transformers series. He and his twin brother Rumble were part of the "Mini-Cassettes", a group of transforming tape cassettes that worked for Soundwave. Frenzy and Rumble have been the source of much confusion; they're identical in nearly every way (build, abilities, and even voice) except for colors. It doesn't help that the originally blue Frenzy and the red Rumble had their colors swapped for the cartoon, something that still causes debate today.

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In the original Transformers show, Frenzy was red as opposed to the toys' blue, thanks to an unknown error. Regardless, both Frenzy and Rumble were voiced by famous VA Frank Welker using a nearly identical voice. This voice perfectly summed up their personalities IMO; they were always agitated and had a bit of a Napoleon complex. Though "Frenzy" didn't have many lines, Welker brought in a great performance.

For the 2007 Transformers movie, a new version of Frenzy appeared by himself, voiced by Reno Wilson. This version of Frenzy was crazy and for the most part spoke in gibberish (aside from his defeat, where he hilariously squeaks "Oh shit!"). I actually liked this version of Frenzy. I thought Reno was pretty funny and did a good job.

In Transformers: War for Cybertron, Frenzy and Rumble once again have their colours swapped. Like in G1, they share a VA, Keith Silverstein in this case. He did a good job capturing the spirit of the characters, but sounded a bit too "excited" rather than "agitated".

In Transformers: Devastation, Frenzy appears, and props to Platinum, he actually has his proper colours! Christopher Swindle makes a pretty good G1 Frenzy, capturing the same sense of antsiness. It's kind of a missed opportunity they didn't get Welker since he was in the game as Megatron and Soundwave anyway, but I can't complain about Swindle.

Overall, none of them were horrible, and it's a very close toss-up between Welker and Wilson, but I'm going to go with Frank Welker.



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