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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Demolishor with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Transformers

Demolishor (or Demolisher) is a Decepticon from the Transformers franchise. Demolishor has appeared throughout the franchise in several different incarnations. He appeared as a tank in Transformers Armada, and was reformatted into a massive dump-truck in Energon. His next major appearance was in the live-action franchise, in both the live-action film and video game adaptation of Revenge of the Fallen, in which he transformed into a large construction vehicle. Demolishor (mostly based on his Armada incarnation) appeared in the War for Cybertron video game, but only grunted and made generic noises. 

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Alvin Sanders voiced Demolisher in both Armada and Energon. Alvin has a nice deep voice (but not too deep) for Demolisher, and manages to make this character a nice addition to the Decepticon ranks. He's a loyal follower of Megatron, and isn't just a war-mongering jerk. He has his orders and he follows them. He's almost like Armada's version of Soundwave in a way. In the first few episodes of Energon, the surviving Decepticons have all been "inducted" into the Autobot ranks. Alvin conveys this change in his performance. He's lost the "angry" growl of his voice, and has a much calmer demeanour. But when he is reformatted (and his memory is subsequently wiped), Demolisher reverts back to a very primal state. He pounds his chest and his much more aggressive. Alvin does well given the change to his character (even though from a writing standpoint, it was a horrible decision that basically ruined anything his character had going for him). 

However, there was a single episode of Energon later in the series where Demolisher might not have been voiced by Sanders. Or, if it was Sanders, then he either had a cold, or the voice director was out for the day or something, because Demolisher sounds completely different than his usual Energon Demolisher voice. For now, until new information proves otherwise, I'll still consider this as Sanders' performance. Either way, whether it was simply Sanders using a different voice (for whatever reason) or if it was an unknown voice actor, it's different enough to be included in this compare.

Film editor (more specifically, one of the editors on Revenge of the Fallen) Calvin Wimmer voiced Demolishor in said movie. It was just a single line of dialogue that the Decepticon had, and Calvin was probably the editor of that scene, hence why they more than likely went "Hey, just get Calvin to record some lines, he's seen the sequence 50 times already". It's nothing special, nothing awful. 

Fred Tatasciore, known for his "deep, monstrous, growly" voices, was cast in the video game adaptation of Revenge of the Fallen. And much like his live-action counterpart, gets only a single line of dialogue (the exact same line to boot). Again, nothing great, nothing bad. 

While all of these VAs did well with their respective version of the character, my vote is going to Alvin Sanders from Armada. That performance of his wasn't just  a generic, growling monster, but a well-rounded, complex character (until Energon came along).

BONUS OPINION: If I had to cast someone else to voice a future version of Demolishor... I'd say that Kevin Michael Richardson, Clancy Brown or Jim Cummings would be a good fit.   



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