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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Cody Burns with sound clips and images.

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Cody Burns is one of the primary protagonists in the Transformers franchise, specifically from the Rescue Bots material. He is a young, intelligent and brave boy from the futuristic town of Griffin Rock, where he lives with his family (Police Chief Charlie Burns, Firefighter Kade, Helicopter Pilot Dani and Engineer Graham). 

Created by TylerMirage on Nov 15 2017


In Transformers: Rescue Bots, Cody is voiced by Elan Garfias. Elan's voice is a great fit for a spunky child character, and even as his voiced deepened as he aged, the show would subsequently age the character up appropriately, so it was never an off-putting "pubescent" voice coming from a child. If Elan's voice was changing, then the next season would take place a year or two in the future to compensate, which is a nice touch - it allowed for characters to grow and age. For the episode where Cody is magically aged-up to an adult, Oliver Vaquer was brought in. Oliver provides a suitable age, yet energetic youthfulness to the performance that helps sell that that's what Cody would sound like as a 25+ year old. 

Angela Galuppo took over the role for the Disaster Dash and Hero Adventures games (because even with as talented as David Lodge is, I don't think he could've voiced Morocco, Chase, Heatwave and Cody). Angela's voice is passable, but unfortunately sounds a little too much like a woman trying to voice a young boy, and can be a but unconvincing. 

Overall, I'm going with Elan. 



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