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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Chase with sound clips and images.

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Chase is a supporting Autobot in the Transformers franchise. Part of Heatwave's Rescue Force Sigma-17 team, alongside Boulder and Blades, it's the team's duty to ensure the safety of Griffin Rock, alongside the Burns family. It's fitting that Chase chooses the alternate mode of a police cruiser, because they don't come more law-abiding and by-the-book than him. 

Created by TylerMirage on Nov 16 2017


DC Douglas voices Chase in the Rescue Bots television series. DC's stoic voice and deadpan delivery are a great match for a straight-laced cop like Chase. 

In the Disaster Dash video game tie-in, David Lodge (who also voices Morocco and Heatwave in the game) takes over. David is a suitable voice-match for Chase, but is hindered by the minimal material he has to work with. 

Frank Cwiklik tries his hand at Chase for the Rescue Bots Academy series. Much like his fellow Sigma Rescue Bots, Frank's Chase appears to have mellowed in time, but not so much that he's lost his stoic and law-abiding attitude. Frank does a pretty good job of following in DC's footsteps (his vocal footsteps, that is). 

I need to put the cuffs on DC Douglas, because he's stealing my vote. 



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