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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Blurr with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Transformers

Blurr is a fast-moving, fast-thinking, and most importantly, fast-talking Autobot from the Transformers series.

Created by NCZ on Jul 25 2010
Special thanks to Pokejedservo, TylerMirage for additional sound clips.


What's our newest voice compare for Transformers? Is it Blurr? Absolutely, positively, definitely!

Here's a little bit of trivia; one of the writers for Transformers was a huge fan of the famous fast-talker John Moschitta Jr., and wrote Blurr's personality specifically so Moschitta could be cast as him. Sure enough, he was! John Moschitta was the perfect fit for Blurr. He spoke so fast you'd think the voice was sped up artificially. In my opinion, he brought in one of the best performances in the show.

In Transformers Armada, a very different version of Blurr appears, voiced by Brian Drummond. And... I'm not the biggest fan of it. For one, he doesn't talk fast, which is disappointing. If it was someone else, this would be a good performance, but for Blurr, I'm sorry to say that Drummond was miscast. However, this is probably more due to the way Armada's Blurr was written rather than being Drummond's fault personally.

For the Japan-only "Transformers: Call of the Future" game, Blurr talks fast again! However, the voice acting for that game is generally subpar, and Blurr is no exception, sounding rather nasal and annoying.

John Moschitta returned as Blurr for Transformers Animated, and though this incarnation of the character has a different air to him (he just says a lot of things quickly rather than repeating himself), it's still great to hear Moschitta come back after 20 years.

Max Mittelman voices Blurr in the Transformers: Rescue Bots series, intended for a younger audience compared to other Transformers cartoons. It's a fairly passable performance overall, but like the Armada version, this incarnation lacks the high-speed speech that made the original Blurr so memorable.
In the Transformers: Cyberverse series, JC Ernst takes up the reins as Blurr. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan, as his acting is fairly underwhelming and doesn't lend a distinct sense of "Blurr".

No comment on the Headmasters version.

In conclusion, I'd say that Moschitta was by far the best. I still applaud Brian Drummond, but there's just no beating John Moschitta.



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