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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Wheezy with sound clips and images.

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Wheezy in an asthmatic penguin squeaky toy from Toy Story 2. Unfortunately he was shelved for his squeaker being broken, but alas, he was fixed!

Created by solidejake on Jun 27 2015


Howdy-do, is it still Pixar Month? Of course it is, that means another Pixar Voice Compare just for you! Today we're looking at Wheezy, the adorable asthmatic penguin from Toy Story 2. Let's peak a gander, shall we?

Joe Ranft - The ever-so-talented, legendary Joe Ranft was the voice for Wheezy starting with Toy Story 2. What can I say, he made me almost cry that this forgotten soul was on the shelf indefinitely while Andy was playing with his working toys, so clearly Joe was doing an excellent job acting.

Robert Goulet - Now at the ending, Wheezy's squeaker is now working finally working. So much so that he breaks into song. American singer Robert Goulet is his singing voice for this small, Vegas-style remake of "You've Got a Friend in Me." Man, what a good singing voice he has.

Phil LaMarr - With Wheezy being demoted to silent cameo in Toy Story 3 (most likely out of respect for Joe Ranft's passing), he didn't get a role in the film. However, Toy Story 3: The Video Game doesn't follow the movie's plot, so Wheezy is a character in Sheriff Woody's town asking for favors. In this instance, it's the wonderful Phil LaMarr... Phil-ing in (could resist, but chose not to). While I am a pretty big fan of LaMarr, I would say that this is a pretty average voice. Not horrible, not great either.

So to conclude this fun little compare, I would say that I have to hand the victory to Joe Ranft. He was amazing in more than just writing. Goulet's singing was oddly-appropriate, and I liked that as well. Phil LaMarr wasn't bad, but needs work. Take care!



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