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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Wild Dog with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Time Crisis

Wild Dog is a recurring antagonist in the Time Crisis series whom made his debut in the first Time Crisis game. Wild Dog is an evil mercenary whom has allied himself with all the major villains in all of the Time Crisis games and has faced down every main hero in the main Time Crisis series as well. Wild Dog has fought with various sorts of weapons but explosives are his specialty and ever since Time Crisis 3 now has a young apprentice by the name of Wild Fang. Wild Dog is the only character whom is in all of the main Time Crisis games and is one of the few recurring characters in the series.

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Today on the Time Crisis VC section we shall start this section off with this recurring antagonist namely this mercenary... WILD DOG! In the Time Crisis series ever since the first one, Scott McCulloch was the one whom voiced Wild Dog for most of the series. First of all I must say that Scott's work was actually not that bad (all things considered) and I am okay with  the rather raspy voice he has done for the role here. Scott's performance did give a pretty good sense of maliciousness and anger which is pretty suiting for the role here. So in other words Scott's work as Wild Dog is one of the better performances in the earlier Time Crisis games.

Now in Time Crisis 4, Dave Mallow gets to take over the role here and is work is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand I do like Dave's voice for the role as I do like on how its a bit lower and sounds a bit more evil.  However on the other hand I am a little iffy at his attempt at evil laughter as its not really terrible but it doesn't sound quite as natural. Granted Wild Dog didn't really get all that many lines in this game but I won't fault Dave Mallow for that as Dave's work on the role is still a pretty good example of his voice acting skill. Overall neither of these guys are perfect for the role per say but they both have their pros and cons to consider as well.



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Who do you think has been the best from these Wild Dog voice actors?
Scott McCulloch
Dave Mallow
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