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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Sam the Eagle with sound clips and images.
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Sam the Eagle is a supporting character from that Jim Henson franchise about those weirdoes, the Muppets. He is a noble, blue-feathered, red-blooded American Eagle, one who is known for his extreme patriotism and strict, disciplinary attitude...much different from the low-class behaviour of the rest of the Muppets.
Created by TylerMirage on Jun 24 2018
The Muppet Show (1976)
Sam the EagleFrank Oz
Frank Oz
It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (2002)
Sam the EagleKevin Clash
Kevin Clash
Muppets Most Wanted (2014)
Sam the EagleEric Jacobson
Eric Jacobson
From the Balcony
Sam the EagleDrew Massey
Drew Massey


Frank Oz was the first Muppeteer to perform Sam. Perhaps it's simply this particular clip of Frank's earlier forays with Sam, but I feel like his voice was also in "prototype" mode. It was never quite refined. 

In the early 2000s, Kevin Clash took over the role for a small handful of titles. This is not one of Kevin's better roles, I'm afraid to say. 

Eric Jacobson was next on the list to portray Sam in a large number of titles. Eric is my #1 choice here, as I feel he took Frank's foundation of the character but improved upon it and made it his own. 

In the series of shorts called "From The Balcony", puppeteer Drew Massey got his shot to soar as Sam. Unfortunately, while Drew's voice is passable, it sounds a bit forced, like he's straining to maintain it.  

1.) Eric Jacobson
2.) Frank Oz
3.) Drew Massey
4.) Kevin Clash

*Once again, thanks to Ghosty404 for his aid in this spotlight!



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said at 12:23 AM on Tue Jun 26 2018
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1. Frank. Originated the character and did a bang-up job with him. His voice was indeed a lot different on the Muppet Show than it was later (slightly lower, slightly slower, and more stiff), but he did refine it more as time went on. His take is just hilarious to listen to, and he plays very well off of the other, wackier Muppets.

2. Eric. It's not a perfect impression of Frank (a little higher pitched than I would prefer, and it slips into Eric's higher Frank impressions at times), which is distracting at times; but that doesn't automatically make it bad. Eric still manages to sounds very natural in the role, and captures a lot of Frank's performance aspects while adding a little of his own elements.

3. Drew. I honestly don't get a lot of the dislike for Drew's take, tbh; I think he does a great job at capturing the feel and sound of Frank's take. Honestly, having mostly only heard Drew's higher voices (his video game doubling work, Sid the Science Kid, etc.), I didn't even know he could go this low; I'm genuinely impressed. He does slip up a little bit in places, but that's to be expected on a voice this low, at least to me. I wouldn't mind hearing him give Sam another try.

4. Kevin. I always thought Kevin was a very off-the-wall, intriguing choice for Sam and was always curious to hear what he would sound like. Now that I can hear both of his sound clips... Yeah, that could have gone better. His Muppet Christmas take is very growly and weird sounding, like he's trying too hard. His take from that game is somehow even worse, taking the pitch even lower and upping the growl even further. Overall, Kevin's talented, but this wasn't his best showing.
said at 2:30 AM on Mon Jun 25 2018
I think of all of these I only really like Frank Oz, he sounds deep without trying to be silly like some of these others.

Eric would be second but he seems a bit slow.

Drew sounds like a bad Hulk parody.

Kevin.. oh dear that's some really raspy smoker voice.
said at 5:21 PM on Sun Jun 24 2018
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Frank Oz is a classic. While he was a bit stiff, I think that was the entire point. Sam the Eagle is a stiff, no-nonsense bird who has no tolerance for tomfoolery.. but is stuck with the weirdos anyways because he's a Muppet.

Eric Jacobson does a terrific job as usual channeling Oz, but he's a little bit higher than Frank. I think it was really noticeable in the 2015 series where he would sound like Miss Piggy at random. Still, the material he got (especially in Muppets Most Wanted), he sold hands down as an all-american stiffneck.

Drew Massey amazingly sounds closer to Oz than Eric, but it does kinda sound like he's forcing to keep the voice. Would have no problems with him doing more classic Muppets.. than.. well, classic Muppets except on Robot Chicken and Mad.

Kevin Clash sounds like Fozzie Bear after smoking twelve packs. He just sounds really gravelly, and I'm kinda glad he didn't stick around as Sam.

"You are all weirdos."
Shaun Ince
said at 4:07 PM on Sun Jun 24 2018
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Such a funny line. I have a bias for the original muppets show, so I'm still going to vote for Frank Oz for most of these. And this is going to be the case with Sam The Eagle.

Kevin Clash sounds really weird. Not his best role.

Eric Jacobson is great as usual, but he sounds a bit, nasal so to speak.

Drew Massey sounds closer to Frank's voice, considering his voice is lower in comparison to Eric Jacobson, who's voice is higher. But he sounds pretty forced at times.

I'm going with Frank Oz for this one.
said at 12:43 PM on Sun Jun 24 2018
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I gotta go with Frank. I think he gets that right level of snobbishness and sarcasm to the role making it one of my favorite roles of his. Plus I just feel the voice is funniest coming out of him.

Kevin sounds way too gravelly, like it's a voice he's trying really hard to do but just can't really pull it off. It sounds like he's straining himself to even do it.

Eric is a very good replacement for Frank. While it is a bit light, he does about as good as Frank ever did as the character.

Drew surprised me here. It's nice seeing him do a deeper voice then usual and for what it is, even if it does sound a little forced, it's REALLY close to Frank. If he had more to work with and more time to flesh out the voice, I feel he could be just as good of a successor
as Eric.

1. Frank Oz
2. Eric Jacobson
3. Drew Massey
4. Kevin Clash
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