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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Janice with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Muppets

Janice is a supporting protagonist in Jim Henson's massively successful Muppets franchise. She's part of the Muppets' band, Electric Mayhem, along with Dr. Teeth, Floyd Pepper, Animal and Zoot, and is known for her laid-back, Valley Girl persona. 

Created by TylerMirage on Jul 9 2018


Fran Brill: I have no doubts that Fran could've been really good had she been able to perform with more material, but as it stands, this is just a standard "female walla" voice.

Eren Ozker: Eren had more to work with than Fran, and we see the beginnings of her Valley Girl attitude, but it still doesn't scream "Janice" to me.

Richard Hunt: This is where Janice rully started to develop into the hippie-girl Janice we know and love, cementing the cadence of her speech and dialogue. 

Dave Coulier: Dave rully showcases his range in the 1984 Muppet Babies series (basically playing 50% of the cast), and I'm quite impressed that he was able to pull off a Baby Janice that not only sounded female, but also significantly like Janice should.

Matt Vogel: Not amazing, but not terrible. A decent enough stand-in for the game.

Brian Henson: Brian's attitude is on-point, but his voice is a bit light. 

Tyler Bunch: From one Tyler to another, I've gotta' hand it to Bunch, he does pretty well with the limited material. If David was unable to be the current Janice for whatever reason, my vote would go to Tyler to take it over permanently. 

David Rudman: The current mainstay for Janice, and like many of his other roles, he would do his predecessor proud. If I had to nitpick, it's that sometimes David can slip into his Scooter voice a bit. But other than that, he's probably my number two pick after Richard. 

Overall, I'm most impressed with the men in this VC. Who would've thought that the most convincing "hippy Muppet girl" performers would be the males? Richard Hunt and David Rudman are tied for me. Richard made the standard Janice performance, which gets him points, but David polished it (but sometimes turns into Scooter). Runner up would be Tyler Bunch.

*Special thanks to Ghosty404 for the clips! :)



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