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Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Muppets

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew is a supporting character from Jim Henson's Muppets franchise. Honeydew is a short, bald, bespectacled, soft-spoken Muppet with a round (one could say honeydew-ish) head. A scientist of great intellect, he and his assistant Beaker are often inventing gadgets and gizmos for the Muppet gang. 

Created by TylerMirage on Jul 11 2018


Dave Goelz: The original, and most-oft reprised performer for Honeydew, Dave gives yet another classic, instantly recognizable performance. 

Howie Mandel: I'm sorry, Howie, but all I hear is the same "child voice" as your other characters. :( 

Dave Coulier: Dave's usually pretty spot-on with his Baby voice, but I think Bunsen is one of his weaker ones. He's stronger than Howie, I'll admit.

Bob Bergen: The performance isn't bad, but the voice doesn't exactly scream "Bunsen" to me. 

Bill Barretta: Bill shared the role with Dave in the 1996 Muppets Tonight show. He's a pretty good match for Dave, but I think it's just a tad nasally (he actually makes me think of a well-mannered and calm Denzel Crocker).

Eric Bauza: Eric's known for his great skill at impersonations and mimicry. The voice has a similar tone to other characters he's voiced, but without being spot-on to 'older' Honeydew, the voice is a good match for what one would assume an infant Honeydew would sound like.

Dave Goulz's getting my vote, but the others range from great to suitable replacements. 

*Thanks to Ghosty404 the sound clips!



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Howie Mandel
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