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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Sasami Jurai with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Tenchi Muyo

Sasami is another one of the primary characters in the Tenchi Muyo series as she has been in the series since right from the start. Sasami is a Royal Princess of Jurai and is the dear younger sister of Princess Ayeka and is known as a sweet and innocent little girl who is kind and caring and is also a fine cook.  Unlike her dear older sister Ayeka who has a sweeter side but has a competitive streak a mile wide, Sasami is normally a sweet-natured girl who can get along with just about anyone. Though while the Tenchi Muyo story has alternate continuities, Sasami is the star of her own alternate storyline the "Pretty Sammy" series which is a truly affectionate parody of the "Magical Girl" series. 

Created by Pokejedservo on Jan 4 2014


Today on the Tenchi Muyo VC section we take a look at Ayeka's sweet adorable little sister... SASAMI! Let us begin...

Sherry Lynn- Ah yes Sherry is known for playing cute little girls well and Sasami is easily one of the finest reasons why. Sherry's voice and performance suited the role VERY well as she does a fine job in playing Sasami as a sweet and precocious child but also has a playful side to her as well. So in other words while Sherry has played other cutesy little girls well her work as Sasami is easily one of her best performances.

Kari Wahlgren- While I do understand why fans have been annoyed that FUNi replaced most original voice cast in this show Kari is easily one of the best "Alternate VA choices" here. Granted Kari's voice does sound a little bit older than Sherry's but Kari's voice for the role is still genuinely cute nevertheless. Not too mention on how Kari also does a fine job in playing Sasami as a sweet little girl  so in other words Kari's work as Sasami suited the role rather well and its a good example of her work.

Alison Viktorin- While yes first of all I am well aware that this is a very alternate version of Sasami here but still that being said Alison is a rather natural choice for the role here. Namely as Alison's voice was genuinely cute as her performance had a nice peppy energetic feel to it as well and its another good example of Alison's work.

Overall I am going with Sherry as Sasami but its just so classically adorable but Kari and Alison are very close in their own ways as well. 



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