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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Eddy Gordo with sound clips and images.
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Eddy Gordo is one of the protagonists of the Tekken series whom made his debut in Tekken 3. Eddy is a Brazilian whom is a practitioner of the martial art Capoeira that he learned from his elderly master whom is also the Grandfather of the other Tekken Capoeira practitioner Christie Montiero. Eddy Gordo's main goals in the storyline are to avenge the deaths of his parents and to aid Christie into finding a cure for the unknown illness that his master is suffering from. Eddy Gordo has shared the same movelist/character slot with a joke character by the name of Tiger Jackson in Tekken 3 and Tag Tournament in which he ended up being that role to Chjristie in Tekken 4 and the original version of Tekken 5.  

Created by Pokejedservo on Jun 22 2011
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Today on the Tekken VC section we have a little something for the original Capoeira practitioner of the Tekken series... EDDY GORDO! We shall start this off with Tekken 5 in which Marcus Lawrence was the one to voice Eddy Gordo here and I must say he was a rather natural choice for the role. Marcus' voice for the role was good as it had a moderately low voice which did work for the role as his performance was a dramatic one that felt rather natural as a young man who is vengeful but does try to do the right thing. So in other words Marcus' performance as Eddy is probably one of the better performances in Tekken 5.

In Tekken 6 Eddy was one the characters whom had a new English VA that is generally known in NA Animation and/or Anime English dubs and in this case Roger Craig Smith gets to take over the role here. However unlike many of those other characters Roger didn't get all that many lines since while Eddy did have a role in Tekken 6's story but he didn't have all that many voice acted lines in which needless to say puts Roger at a bit of a disadvantage. But to be fair for what little Roger had in Tekken 6 at least his voice for the role was decent enough so to make a long story short Roger Craig Smith's work as Eddy Gordo wasn't bad just a bit underused. Overall while neither one of these guys are bad but I will go with Marcus Lawrence on this one.

(Update: DC Douglas voices Eddy in Street Fighter X Tekken and while Eddy may have a bit role in that game DC's work is pretty good. DC's voice and performance do suit Eddy's serious & aloof personality rather well. While DC didn't have much material to work with his work definitely has potential that I would like to see again. While I am still going with Marcus the most DC is not that bad.)



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