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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Rahzar with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Mar 12 2011
Special thanks to UltimateCharm for additional sound clips.


Today on the TMNT VC section while a while back we have done a VC for the Mutant Snapping Turtle Tokka here is a VC for the Mutant Wolf... RAHZAR! We shall start off with the 2nd TMNT movie in which alike his aforementioned Snapping Turtle buddy Rahzar was voiced by Frank Welker. While anyone whom is remotely familiar with Frank's speaking roles are probably familiar with the idea of him doing a lower, gruffer voice for a antagonistic role but due to Rahzar's childish personality does kind of make it a interesting change of pace here. Frank's voice for the role was suitably gruff for a big burly mutant wolf but Frank's performance did suit Rahzar's infantile mentality rather well.

Alongside Tokka, Rahzar appeared for one episode in the 80's TMNT series and since they couldn't get Frank Welker to reprise the role for these two Townsend Coleman takes over the role here. Now don't get me wrong I know that unlike the 2nd movie Rahzar (& Tokka) are substantially smarter and have a more adult-like mentality but Townsend's voice still felt a bit strange for the role here. (For starters at least Rob Paulsen did make more of an effort to sound like what Frank did in the movie while Townsend apparently did not. Granted Townsend's Rahzar voice in general is not necessarily bad but it does seem to be a slightly odd choice for Rahzar.) But to be fair in Townsend's defense while his Rahzar voice and growls are a little iffy his performance certainly wasn't bad as it did fit what the show was trying to go for here at least. Overall I am definitely going with Frank Welker first and Townsend Coleman at a decent second.  



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