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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Toyman with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Superman

Toyman is usually a primarily antagonist of Superman. The better known of Toyman is Winslow Schott, who first appeared in Action Comics #64 (September 1943). Winslow Schott was a toymaker who was fired from the toy company he worked for after Lex Luthor and LexCorp acquired said company. Angry and embittered, he started building dangerous weapons shaped like toys and went on a dangerous campaign to kill Luthor, which brought him into conflict with Superman and was stopped. The second Toyman first appeared in Action Comics #432 (February 1974). A man by the name of Jack Nimball took the name Toyman after Schott apparently retired. Nimball dressed in a yellow jester outfit and like Schott, used toy-based weaponry to commit crimes. His criminal career ended after Schott came out of retirement and murdered Nimball. A more heroic version of Toyman appeared in Superman #177 (February 2002). Hiro Okamura is a child prodigy and mechanical genius from Japan who helps Superman and Batman stop a Kryptonite meteor from destroying Earth.

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Frank Welker
Bud Cort
Corey Burton
John DiMaggio
Richard Green
Calvin Tran
Matt Hislope
Cameron Bowen
Tom Gibis
Ken Jeong