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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Jor-El with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Superman

Jor-El first made his appearance in More Fun Comics 101 in 1945. Jor-El is the husband of Lara-El and father of Kal-El and is the one who sent him to Earth to protect him from Kryton's destruction. While many things about Jor-El can vary from continuity many things remain the same such as him being a scientist on Kryton, he communicates to his son after his death via holograms and other devices, and that he truly loves his son.

*As of right now, this VC is missing the actors from the Super Friends series*

Created by Music Meister on Mar 10 2015
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Christopher McDonald: I like Christopher as Jor-El, I felt he had a kind sound to his voice but still gave off an intelligent vibe to him. Plus he could easily pull off a sassy comeback when needed. All in all, another stand out of the animated series.

Terence Stamp: An odd casting choice for Terence "Zod" Stamp to play Superman's father (well in this case, his AI) and I think it worked out decently. Although a little too soft and even a little monotone, I think Terence was okay for what he needed to be.

Jim Meskimen: Jim was fine, he did not get to show a lot of the Jor-El's characteristics but he did sound rather smart and he tapped into a little bit of Jor-El's kindness. Jim did decent for what he needed to be but doesn't really stand out.

Nolan North: Speaking actors who previously played Zod, Nolan North takes a crack out Jor-El. Nolan's version is a satire of Russell Crow's Jor-El and I think he did well making fun of Man Of Steel's serious tone and still made Jor-El funny (I also enjoyed the "Neil before Zod now" line). He didn't get to show much but was still enjoyable.

Unknown Voice Actor: This actor did well but sounds generic and even awkward at times.

Edit: Fred is pretty good, I almost didn't even realize it was him. Shows some good range.

In the end, Christopher is my favorite of the bunch with the others being okay with some problems.

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