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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Desaad with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Superman

DeSaad is a secondary antagonist in the Superman series whom made his comic book debut in Forever People #2 in May of 1971. DeSaad lives in Apokolips where he is a brilliant inventor of weapons and torture devices whom serves the Apokolips' overlord Darkseid. While DeSaad is an immortal he has no powers of his own and uses the weapons he creates but does also have some good manipulation skills as well. DeSaad is normally depicted as being very loyal to Darkseid due to fear of course (as when he is occasionally not being so loyal to Darkseid the chances of him surviving the story are very low.)

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Today on the Superman VC section we take a look at another one of Darkseid's minions... DESAAD! Let us begin...

Rene Auberjonois- Both of his performances do suit the nature of their respective shows fairly well such as his slightly camp take on the Superfriends while his a bit more somber approach on the Justice League as they both still suit the role in their own way.

Robert Morse-  While Robert's work on the role does seem rather foppish to be fair Desaad is one of the few residents of Apokolips in which such a performance can work. But still Robert did do a terrific job in playing Desaad as the opportunistic manipulator that he is and therefore his work on the role is another fine example of the voice work on the show.

Dee Bradley Baker- I was quickly very impressed with Dee's voice work on the role because he actually makes Desaad seem to be genuinely menacing. But still Dee's work was a great fit for Desaad as he played the role as a sinister manipulator VERY well and it does make one hope that Desaad will appear more often as it is a great example of Dee's work.

Bruce Thomas- Bruce's voice is rather good but while his performance was alright but while Bruce does seem to be trying to go for a darker feel it doesn't seem all that menacing. But in all fairness Bruce's work does suit Desaad's intellectual persona pretty well so it does work with the role pretty well.

Overall I liked them all but Dee's work on the role was awesome though Rene, Robert and Bruce were very good too.



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Rene Auberjonois
Robert Morse
Dee Bradley Baker
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James Arnold Taylor
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