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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Monty the Mouth with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Stuart Little

Monty the Mouth is a supporting character in the Stuart Little franchise. He's an alley cat who likes to hang around the Little's residence and, much to Snowbell's chagrin, is probably his best friend. Snowbell, being the clean and pampered house cat doesn't care too much for Monty's presence, but tolerates him enough to allow Monty to sneak some snacks on occasion. 
Created by TylerMirage on Feb 9 2018
Stuart Little (1999)
Monty the MouthSteve Zahn
Steve Zahn
Stuart Little (2003)
Monty the MouthAndre Sogliuzzo
Andre Sogliuzzo
Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild (2006)
Monty the MouthRino Romano
Rino Romano


Steve Zahn voices Monty in the first two theatrical Stuart Little films. Steve has a superb voice for these kinds of slinky, comedic, almost greasey characters. Andre Sogliuzzo took over the role for the animated television series based on the films. Now, Andre is no stranger to feline facsimiles, so this is another great example of his voice-doubling. In the third Stuart Little film, Call of the Wild, Rino Romano was cast as Monty. 

What's nice about all three of these actors is that they all sound alike, yet different. Rino is closer to matching Steve's original performance than Andre, but Andre's voice has a nice twist to it - doing its own thing rather than trying to be a copy. All three are great and unique in the role, but in the end, I'm going with Steve.

1.) Steve Zahn
2.) Rino Romano
3.) Andre Sogliuzzo

*Special thanks to TailwithaStripe for the Steve Zahn, Andre Sogliuzzo and Rino Romano sound clips!



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Steve Zahn
Andre Sogliuzzo
Rino Romano