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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Cody with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Street Fighter

Cody is the protagonist of the seminal arcade beat-em-up, Final Fight. As Final Fight takes place in the Street Fighter universe, Cody followed in the footsteps of Guy, Sodom, and Rolento by crossing over into the main series with his appearance in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

In Final Fight, Cody is depicted as a typical young '80s action protagonist: a tough scrapper with a heart of gold, fighting alongside his friends Guy and Mike Haggar to save Metro City from the evil gang Mad Gear. Street Fighter portrays a more deconstructed version of Cody, who has become addicted to the thrill of the fight, lost his girlfriend, and found himself locked up in jail. Cody breaks out because fighting has become all he cares about, but Guy does what he can to bring his friend to redemption.

Created by NCZ on May 23 2016


The Street Fighter cartoon generally either portrayed watered-down versions of characters that turned a single aspect of them into their defining traits, or got the characters completely wrong. Cody falls into the latter category, being shown as a generic numbskull thug. Michael Dobson's portrayal is funny, but not for the right reasons. He sounds like a cross between Hank Hill and Grounder.

Rick Calvert isn't bad. You have to give props to his Cody for mastering the Hokuto Shinken too.

Michael T. Coleman pretty much nails it. He has the perfect bored attitude that captures Cody's character as someone who lives to fight and let it consume him entirely, in a sense portraying him as the anti-Ryu. Very well done.



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Who do you think has been the best from these Cody voice actors?
Michael Dobson
Rick Calvert
Michael T Coleman