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Anakin Skywalker

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Anakin Skywalker with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Star Wars

What better way to draw a close to our Star Wars spotlight than with central character of the saga -- Anakin Skywalker himself. Discovered by Obi-Wan as a child, Anakin is detected to have great power and is taken in as his student, with chancellor Palpatine also watching over closely. Thought to be the Chosen One and potentially the most powerful Jedi of all, he and Obi-Wan were close comrades who fought side-by-side in battle. During the Clone Wars Anakin grew as a hero and took Ahsoka Tano under his wing as a Padawan, but struggled with the growing dark aspects of his personality, which were becoming rough, coarse, irritating, and getting everywhere. Eventually, thanks to his connection to Palpatine and his forbidden relationship with Padme, his life culminated in him falling to the side of the Sith, fighting a fatal battle against former friend Obi-Wan, and becoming Darth Vader.

Created by NCZ on Dec 23 2015
Special thanks to Bry for additional sound clips.


I'd have to say the highlights are Matt Lanter, Kirby Morrow, and Mat Lucas, in that order. They best capture the uncertain mixture of being a sympathetic but teen angst-ridden Jedi that Anakin needs, with Kirby Morrow providing a good deal of humour too. Wouldn't mind hearing him voice Anakin in more stuff actually...

That's a wrap on Star Wars Month. Thanks for the support, everyone!



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Who do you think has been the best from these Anakin Skywalker voice actors?
Dominic Armato
Matt Levin
Mat Lucas
Matt Lanter
David Scott
Kirby Morrow
Hayden Christensen