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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Captain Kirk with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Star Trek

Captain James Tiberius Kirk is the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise and the protagonist of the original series of Star Trek. Born in Iowa, Kirk would grow up to enter Starfleet Academy, where he was commissioned as an officer for a time before swiftly rising to the rank of captain. Through his wit and bravery, Kirk became one of the most legendary captains in the entire galaxy, with his missions and victories becoming standard curriculum for young students.

A wise, charismatic, and principled leader, Kirk was capable of seeing his crew out of many a scrape, but also relied heavily on the strength of his crew (and especially his first mate and best friend Spock). He is generally level-headed, though can also get angry if provoked. He is also something of a player, having dated many women; but is never quite able to commit to any one woman.

Created by CerealBoxHead46 on May 4 2020


Whassup, guys and dolls! Now today's a special day for us nerds, so what better way to celebrate than with a long overdue voice compare for everyone's favorite classic sci-fi franchise! Ladies and gentlemen, Captain Kirk!

This compare is an interesting one because we're comparing a character mostly portrayed in live action, as performed in voiceover by his two live action actors. (Yes, these were his only two live action actors. Nobody else.) Let's start with the originator of the role, the man himself, William Shatner. William voiced him in the animated series and 25th Anniversary celebration games based on the series; and for me, he translates his on-camera performance well to voice over, sounding exactly as he did in the original show. You really get the sense that this guy is a brave, respectable leader.

In the 2013 video game based on the series' reboot, we got to hear Chris Pine doing his best impression of a young William. This version of the character is a lot different from his original series version, being the younger, less experienced hotshot with a hot temper version of Kirk. Chris does an okay job behind the mic, but it's rather evident he's kind of phoning it in and only doing this out of contractual obligation. I think I have to give this compare to the OG.

Welp, there it is! Happy May 4th, guys! Live long and prosper!

Wait... Did I get the right franchise? Eh, I think it's fine. Peace!



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