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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Swarm with sound clips and images.

Number of Comparisons: 5
Franchise: Spider-Man

Swarm is a Marvel Comics supervillain who first appeared in Champions #14. Swarm's body is completely covered in bees and as such is technically intangible as he can have his bees separate. Swarm's origins different depending on continuity, some he's a NAZI scientist named Fritz von Meyer who was devoured by the bees, another he's the creation of bees being in contact with an alien energy, in the Ultimate comics Swarm is a female mutant who can control insects, and many other versions.

Created on Aug 3 2013


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Who do you think has been the best from these Swarm voice actors?
Al Fann
Eric Bauza
Drake Bell
Tom Kenny
Ian James Corlett