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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Spider-Ham with sound clips and images.

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Spider-Ham first made his debut in Marvel Tails #1 in 1983. Peter Porker is an alternate dimension version of Peter Parker but in a world where everyone is an animal. Peter was a spider that lived in the basement of May Porker's lab. One day May Porker was working on an atomic hair dryer and she used it on herself. However this made her radioactive and in a crazy fit, bit Peter which caused him to turn into a half spider half pig hybrid. Thus Peter took the name of Spider-Ham to fight injustice.

Note: While many have said that Ryan Drummond did the voice of Spider-Ham in Shattered Dimension Ryan himself has denied that he did.

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Kevin Umbritch: Chris had barley any work as Spider-Ham but from what he did, he was decent.

Yuri Lowenthal: Yuri is so far the only actor to play both Spider-Man and Spider-Ham in the same media and he does a decent job. Like Chris he doesn't get a lot of material but the higher version of his Spider-Man does work. I do wish he added a bit more to the role than just a slightly higher Spider-Man voice but really nothing bad about his take just a decent all around take.

Benjamin Diskin:  Ben is a former Spider-Man actor and has done higher and energetic characters before so he was a natural in the role. Whether he was playing to Spider-Ham's goofiness or some more serious scenes Ben nailed whatever he needed to.

Griffin Burns: He doesn't get much but sounds fitting to the role.

John Mulaney: While I am slightly biased, seeing as John is my favorite comedian, I think he does a fantastic job. While he doesn't go full "cartoony" with the voice, his energetic and comedic delivery really show off Spider-Ham's "loony" nature.

So all actors did alright with what they had, I'm going with John on this one.

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