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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Spider-Gwen with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Spider-Man

In an alternate universe, instead of Peter Parker getting bitten by the radioactive spider; it was Gwen Stacy. In universe, she goes by Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen is the name to differ her from other Spider-Women (although recently she also goes by Ghost-Spider).

Created by Music Meister on Nov 6 2016
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Dove Cameron is a good job with a new hero Gwen Stacy, having a younger voice while still having a good delivery on some lines. I also enjoyed her new take in the Marvel Rising series, where she goes a little deeper and even has a bit of a "squeakiness" that I like. All around a great performances no matter which one your talking about.

Ashley Johnson gets a bit typecasted as a Gwen that cracks jokes but is also the mature one of the group. Jokes aside, she does a good job with the quips. Sadly she doesn't get a lot of range of lines so she is held back a bit.

Avengers Academy is known for its hit or miss performances and, sadly, Heather is a miss. While her voice fits the character, her delivery sounds like she just woke up from a nap. I hope one day she gets to reprise but sadly she might be my least favorite.

Kira Buckland had very little to work with but I like what I heard. I think given the shot, she could be a great Spider-Gwen.

Laura Bailey naturally works as well here as she does as Gwen, she shows off her dramatic acting chops nicely. My criticism is that she doesn't get a lot of quips and jokes so I feel she comes off too serious. Still, a great performance from Laura even if it doesn't stand out as much as some of her other roles.

I like Emily's voice for Ghost Spider. That said, she gets really generic lines so she doesn't stand out as much as the others.

I like Reba's voice for Spider-Gwen, I enjoyed this drier take on the character. Helps sell her as something other than "Female Peter Parker". For only one short, Reba really impressed me.

I like Hailee has a more punk rock performance, which is fitting. A nice mix of funny and awkward (in a good way) delivery but has the more somber moments down. A great performance from a movie with several great performances.

I will say Reba, Hailee, and Dove are my favorites, Ashley and Laura second (funny enough, for having opposite problems) then Kira, Emily and finally Heather.

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