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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Silvermane with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Nov 13 2010
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Alright folks here is a VC to one of Spidey's oldest (literally) foes and a rival crimelord to the Kingpin namely Silvio Manfredi A.K.A SILVERMANE! Ol' Silvermane's VA debut was in the 1981 Spiderman series in which he was voiced by the late very great Paul Winchell. While this isn't the only time Paul has ever voiced an antagonist role but its not often he does it with a somewhat lower voice so this is a interesting change of pace for him. But still while Paul's Silvermane voice does sound similar to his Zummi Gummi voice but Paul's performance does make it work (so in other words he was able to sound suitably elderly but then again even back then he was getting old). Anyways Paul's performance gave a good sense of a prideful old man whom can go from a calm businessman to being quite willing to put certain younger folk in their place. This might not be one of the late Paul Winchell's finest performances but it is a very good one nevertheless.

A little over a decade later the also late Jeff Corey voiced Old Silvermane in the 1990's series, and alike his early 80's counterpart was able to sound suitably elderly enough. (After all alike Paul, Jeff was very much an old man back then in fact he was even older as he was pushing 80 back then.) But still Jeff does pretty well for the role as his overall performance does suit an old crimelord whom is still eager to do certain things such as deal with his rival crimelord Kingpin and to find a way to regain his youth but that's a different story. (Speaking of which I know it sounds strange but this VC also has a clip of Silvermane's young adult self voiced by Townsend Coleman. Like I said I know it sounds strange but since Vulture's VC had a clip of his younger self in this series I figured that Silvermane should follow suit and Townsend does do pretty well in that role.) While its a only an above average performance in general Jeff's work as Old Silvermane is another good example of the fine voice work in the 90's Spider Man series.

And once again about a decade or so later Miguel "Shan Yu" Ferrer voiced Silvermane in a couple of episodes of Spectacular Spider Man. Now I know that the voice acting in the show much like the series itself is quite renowned and normally I can understand why this performance feels a little iffy to me. One problem I have is Miguel's voice for the role in which while his predecessor's sound suitably elderly enough for old Silvermane I have to say that Miguel's voice for the role doesn't quite sound old enough. There is also on how despite on how Miguel's performance does try to suggest Crimelord, Miguel's voice for the role sounds a bit more like a thug than anything else. However to be fair I am not calling Miguel's performance a flat out bad one mind you as while his voice seemed a little questionable I didn't have a problem with his performance though as it did work with the scenes that Ol' Silvermane was in. Overall not one of the better performances in SSM and its not a really bad villainous performance from Miguel but I have heard him do better lets just say.

Last but not least is the 2010 Spiderman Shattered Dimensions game (though this Silvermane is a Nintendo DS exclusive) and in this game he was voiced by Steve Blum. While Steve doesn't quite sound elderly here like Paul and Jeff but he is a bit closer than Miguel was. But still I did like Steve's voice for the role as it sounds a bit lower and a bit menacing but it can still suit the old crimelord (whom is really ancient since he is using a cyborg body to be immortal). Unfortunately as you can tell Steve doesn't get to say all that much in this game but still its a pretty good example of Steve's VA work nevertheless. Overall while Townsend Coleman makes a good young Silvermane, as for the older Silvermane I am going with Paul Winchell and Jeff Corey the most with Steve Blum at second and Miguel Ferrer at an okay third.  



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