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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Flash Thompson with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Dec 12 2009
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Ah Eugene "Flash" Thompson quite possibly the poster boy of "Jerk Jock" and one of the founding fathers of how one does not need to be a super villain in order to be a douche bag in Superhero comics. (Granted I do know that alike the majority of other Marvel characters he has received sympathetic depictions before but it's not often.)

In the 80's series Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends he was voiced by Frank Welker; granted one has probably noticed that his Flash voice is basically his Iceman voice only slightly deeper. (Which I wouldn't be surprised if anyone noticed that even back then especially considering that his Iceman voice is his Fred voice from Scooby Doo.) But still despite the overly slight difference in tone, Frank's Flash Thompson voice did work nevertheless and his performance does suit Flash's rather Macho persona.

In the 90's Spider-Man series he was voiced by Patrick Labyorteaux in which Flash's depiction in this series is a bit more smug than macho but Patrick's voice work for Flash does indeed work. Sure its not one of the best performances in that series but Patrick's voice work for Flash does get the job done.

In the New Spider-Man series that came out shortly after the movies Flash starred in one episode in which he was voiced by Devon Sawa and this worked as well. Devon's Flash Thompson voice was by all means fitting and his performance is probably one of the better ones in that show.

And last but not least is the highly renowned recent Spider-Man series in which he was voiced by Joshua "Josh Weinstein" Lebar. Like the other 3 shows Flash is still very much a big example of a "Jerk Jock" and Joshua's performance is also rather suitable as well but I did like on how his performance can also reflect well on how Flash is kind of insecure as well.

Overall I liked all 4 of them, they have all done well with this role.



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