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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Spawn with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Spawn

Spawn is the titular character of the Spawn series whose comic book debut was in Malibu Sun #13 in May of 1992. Spawn was originally Al Simmons a man who was a renowned Marine then he became a member of the CIA in which he became a covert ops assassin for the US Government. However during a mission Al Simmons was killed by one of his fellow mercenaries thanks to his treacherous director Jason Wynn however he was later revived by the monstrous creature known as Malebolgia and became Spawn. When Al became Spawn he originally had very little memory of his past life (but over the course of the story he regains more of his memory) in fact the reason why he became Spawn is that Al made a deal with Malebolgia on how he will become Spawn just so he can at least see his beloved wife Wanda Simmons one more time. Now Spawn is often fighting the forces of evil with his demonic axe and/or various firearms as Spawn is an incredibly powerful and immortal being who has had other abilities such as flight and teleportation.    

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Keith David
Maurice Dean Wint
Kevin Michael Richardson
Kevin Michael Richardson
Scott Keck
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