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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Chef with sound clips and images.

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Chef was a recurring character in South Park that acted as a mentor to the boys whenever they wanted a realistic outlook to whatever problem they were dealing with at the time when they couldn't trust any other adult.

Created by solidejake on Aug 10 2019


Hello there, children. Today's special is a voice compare from the long-since retired character Chef from South Park. Everyone knows of Chef's longtime VA Isaac Hayes, but a lot of people overlook that he had two other one-off voices in a few different episodes. Let's check it out.

Isaac Hayes - The legendary voice himself. Hayes was a part of South Park from the pilot until around Season 10. The soul that was brought to the character was unparalleled, and he really added a lot to the show. What made it better was him breaking out into song whenever possible. I wish I could do that.

Trey Parker - This is a surprise to even the most hardcore of South Park fans, but Trey Parker voiced Chef for all of one line once. In the episode The Succubus, Chef changes his style completely, and that includes from his usual genre of Soul, to The Morning After. Trey is a fantastic singer, but this is more in a parody style not showing off his singing range, so there's not much to say about this take other than it is meant for comedic parody rather than being straightforward.

Peter Serafinowicz - Now in the first official episode without a credit for Isaac Hayes was The Return of Chef, where ironically Chef dies in the most gruesome way. In no way mirroring real-life, Chef is brainwashed by a cult in order the say and do things he really doesn't want to do. After the end of the episode, he dies, only to be reconstructed into Darth Chef, which is a parody of both Darth Vader and Darth Maul, whom Peter voices. Peter does a great job for the tiny line he does and would honestly probably make a good actual Vader.

Come on! Who do you think I am going to vote for here? Isaac Hayes was a legend, and it's really too bad that he was forced off the show by his captors left on his own freewill. The character is missed, as is the actor!



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