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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Tira with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Soulcalibur

A servant of the evil sword Soul Edge, after Soulcalibur III Tira developed two polar opposite personalities due to being exposed both to it and Soulcalibur. Whether she's Jolly or Gloomy, she derives pleasure from nothing more than pure sadism.

Created by NCZ on Oct 30 2018


First of all, I have no idea how people thought Alison was Jennifer Hale for so long, but thankfully that rumour is dead and buried. In any case, the weird thing about Tira is that her Jolly voice changes completely from IV to V, which is itself different from her voice in SCIII, despite it still having been Alison. I chose a clip from SCIV because I think it's the best middle ground. I think Alison differentiates Jolly and Gloomy to the point they almost seem like two different people sharing a body, while with Kate it's a little more clearly one person and it's more like how she is in III. I think Kate's acting sounds a little less overdone, but overall I don't have too much of an opinion either way.



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Alison Lees-Taylor
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