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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Gargamel with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Smurfs

Gargamel is the primary antagonist in Hanna-Barbera's Smurfs franchise. He is an evil wizard who - with his mangy sidekick, Azrael the cat - is constantly trying to capture the Smurfs.

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*NOTE: The sounds clips and editor's opinion were created by Pokejedservo. 

Paul Winchell
- Oh, what can I say? Paul's work as Gargamel was a rather iconic example of his work and I can see why! Paul does a fine job in playing Gargamel as a crazy, old wizard who has been after those Smurfs forever. While Gargamel is often known for being an ineffectual comic-relief villain, in which Paul does well with that, he can also play the character as a genuinely crafty, old, evil wizard as well. That, and Winchell's laugh is pretty classic.

Hank Azaria - While I know that not a lot of people liked the live-action Smurfs movies (I personally did), in which Hank Azaria was a fine choice to inherit the role from the late, great Paul Winchell, he plays the role very closely to how the originator did (in both live-action and voice-acting).

Andre Sogliuzzo - Andre was pretty much hired to try and impersonate Hank's take on the role, but while his attempt isn't too bad, it clearly doesn't sound like Hank's voice, as it was way too rough and scratchy. (However, I do kind of like how Andre adds in a slightly more European accent to the role.) While I find Andre's voice rather forced at times, his performance overall was pretty solid and had a suitably "over-the-top" feel to it, which works pretty well. So, in other words, Andre's work on the role is pretty good on its own merits, but it's a rather so-so attempt at impersonating Hank Azaria. 

Overall, I am going with Paul and Hank the most, and Andre at a decent second place. 




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