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Vincent Smith
Silent Hill Silent Hill

Vincent Smith

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Vincent Smith with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Silent Hill

Vincent Smith is one of the supporting characters in the Silent Hill series in which he appeared in the 3rd installment in the series. Much like many other characters in the series with unknown pasts Vincent is a highly enigmatic character but Vincent is one of Heather Mason's allies but unlike the detective Douglas Cartland he is much more ambiguous about it. While Vincent seems to often speak to Heather in such a smug and mocking tone as he knows about her past and her parents Dahlia and Harry Mason, he does genuinely want to help her against Claudia Wolf though. Even though Vincent appears to be a researcher with an occasional theatrical personality he is actually a priest from "The Order" who has a rather atypical view on God in which he does believe in God but his religious beliefs are lets just say substantially different from those such as Claudia and Dahlia. 

Created by Pokejedservo on Jul 24 2013


Today on the Silent Hill VC section we take a look at Heather's rather ambiguous enigmatic ally... VINCENT SMITH!

Clifford Rippel- I must say I was pleasantly surprised here as Clifford's voice for the role was actually a rather natural choice for the role here. I can of course also say the same thing for Clifford's performance as it does suit on how Vincent's persona as a smug intellectual whom is also probably a good guy as well. While I admit I was for the most part okay with the voice acting in the original version of Silent Hill 3 Clifford's work as Vincent is probably the best performance in this version of the game.

Yuri Lowenthal- Yuri was also quite a natural choice for this role as well as both his voice and performance suited the role rather well. While anyone whom is remotely familiar with Yuri's work can easily tell thats Yuri voicing Vincent but it is a somewhat interesting change of pace for him to be voicing a role like this. Anyways Yuri's voice and performance for the role were very good as they suited on how despite how much of a smug intellectual Vincent can be he is one of Heather's allies and it is a fine example of the voice work in the HD Collection version of SH3.

Overall for once I am going with a flat-out tie as both of these guys did very well with the role here.



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Who do you think has been the best from these Vincent Smith voice actors?
Clifford Rippel
Yuri Lowenthal