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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Michael Kaufmann with sound clips and images.
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Michael Kaufmann is one of the secondary characters (usually an antagonist) in the Silent Hill series who has been in the series since from the start. Dr. Michael Kaufmann is a middle-aged man whom is the director of Medical Staff in Alchemilla Hospital in Silent Hill however he is secretly also a Drug Dealer who works in Dahlia Gillespie's cult "The Order". Michael is one of the first Silent Hill characters whom are the "seemingly normal decent human being at first but then becomes a lot more sinister later on" type as he keeps his nurse Lisa Garland under control through illicit means. However over the course of the storyline it is rather apparent that Dr. Kaufmann does not trust Dahlia and his fate in the 1st game of the series can differ depending on how you play the game.

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Today on the Silent Hill VC section we take a look at the usually not-so good doctor MICHAEL KAUFMANN! Let us begin...

Jarion Monroe- I was pleasantly surprised by Jarion's work here as his somewhat deep and raspy voice worked very well with the role here. Jarion's performance also suited on how affably evil Kaufmann is as he does seem like a rational decent man until you later find out his real role in the storyline here. So in other words I find Jarion's work as Michael Kaufmann to be very good and its easily one of the better performances in that game.

John Chancer- To be honest John's work on the role is a bit of a mixed bag as while he is playing a somewhat younger version of Dr. Kaufmann but his voice felt a little too light to me. But to be fair John's performance as Dr. Kaufmann is decent enough as he does try to play the role as a affably evil older gentleman though. So basically John's work on the role is alright but not one of the better performances in that game.

Michael McConnohie- First of all yes I am aware that Michael is playing a rather different take on the role of Dr. Kaufmann namely as kind but firm therapist but man does his work suit this take on the role well. Michael McConnohie is quite a natural as his voice and performance does suit Dr. Kaufmann's cool-mannered intellectual persona in this game very well. (But Michael also gives a suitably dramatic performance during some of the good doctor's more emotional moments over the course of the game as well). Basically Michael McConnohie's work as Dr. Kaufmann is a fine example of his work and of the voice work in the game.

Overall I clearly liked Jarion and Michael the most with John at a decent close second.



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