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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Douglas Cartland with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Silent Hill

Douglas Cartland is one of the various supporting characters in the Silent Hill series in which he first appeared in the 3rd installment of the series. Douglas Cartland is a middle-aged Detective who was initially hired by Claudia Wolf to find Heather Mason to return her to Silent Hill. When Douglas first tried to approach Heather she flat out refused to go with him (and once Heather knew more about Claudia she accues Douglas of being in on it with Claudia but this was not true.) But after when Douglas learned the truth over why Claudia wanted Douglas to find Heather he becomes Heather's ally for the rest of the story.

Created by Pokejedservo on Jul 23 2013


Alright folks here is another Silent Hill VC and this time its for this Private Eye known as... DOUGLAS CARTLAND! Let us begin...

Richard Grosse- Richard's voice is kind of an iffy mixed bag, while there are certain times where he sounds pretty good but other times such as the "Sorry!" in this clip his voice sounds a little too strained and awkward. But Richard's performance was alright as he does play Douglas as an old Detective fairly well enough. So in other words this was a decent example of the voice work in the original version of the game.

Kirk Thornton- Now Kirk on the other hand his voice suited the gruff-middle aged detective just fine as it was consistently natural right from the start. Kirk's performance was also just fine as it suited how Douglas can go from a calm-mannered professional to someone who is trying to figure out whats going on just fine.

Overall I am clearly going with Kirk Thornton this time around as while Richard Grosse was okay but Kirk Thornton's take on the role was MUCH better.



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