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Mrs. Brisby

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Mrs. Brisby with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Secret of NIMH

Mrs. Brisby is the protagonist of The Secret of Nimh. Left widowed after her husband Jonathan died under mysterious circumstances, she cares for little more in life than looking after and protecting her four children. Usually meek and mild-mannered, she is very passionate about her children and can become very emotional where they are concerned. She is willing to do whatever it takes for her family, and showed great bravery to ensure their safety.

Created by CerealBoxHead46 on May 10 2020


Happy Mothers' Day, BTVA community! And what better way to celebrate than a VC for one of animation's best mother characters! In case you're wondering why I spent my day making this instead of spending time with my mother.... Er... We'll talk about that later. But first, let's talk about what really matters: old cartoon characters!

In the original Secret of Nimh film, Mrs. Brisby was voiced by Elizabeth Hartmann, in one of the more classic Don Bluth VO performances. It's hard to really articulate just how great a job she does in the role. Just listening to the way she delivers her lines, you can tell more about her than even what we find out from the lines themselves. Brisby is someone who is under a lot of stress from her situation as a single parent, the constant threat of larger creatures from the outside who want to see her and her family killed, and the other characters who don't seem to think she's capable of doing anything herself; and this is conveyed perfectly through Elizabeth's performance. You really get the sense that her family is all she really cares about; and that she's constantly under pressure but never lets it affect her good nature. Absolutely masterful performance in a movie filled with great voice acting.

In the movie's DTV sequel, Debi Mae West got to take a shot at voicing Timmy's mother for her brief appearance at the beginning of the film. Her performance is decent for what material she was given; it's nothing really to write home about one way or the other. She also doesn't really sound like Elizabeth at all, though I would blame this more on her being miscast.

Elizabeth is taking my vote this time.



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