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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of The Boss with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Saints Row

The leader of The 3rd Street Saints, referred to as The Boss by fellow members (or in Saints Row IV, as The President of the United States of America), is a completely customizable character, with many vocal options to choose from, as well as ambiguous gender.

Created by solidejake on Apr 5 2014


Today's Voice Compare is by far the largest one I have done, so I hope you enjoy. We are looking at the lead character in the Saints Row Franchise. Sometimes known as The Boss, The President, Playa, etc. Just remember when voting that the pictures that represent the character in each game are essentially placeholder images, for the character is entirely customizable. So in essence, you could choose a male English accent to go along with a blue woman. Happy Hunting.

Charles Shaughnessy - In Saints Row 2, Mr. Shaughnessy is Male Voice 1. He gives the character a thick Cockney accent. Quite funny to hear that accent coming from a game about gangsters, but definitely not the strangest thing to happen in Stilwater. He fits right in.

Katie Semine - As Female Voice 1 in Saints Row 2, Katie seems very in charge, and has a slightly more serious tone than some of the other voices for the character. So as a new leader of the gang, it fits perfectly.

Kenn Michael - As the most recurring voice for The Protagonist, Kenn Michael is Male Voice 2 in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, and Saints Row IV. So he definitely has the most experience with the character, and shows that he knows how to do gang member, and campy leader at the same time. A job well done.

GK Bowes - Ms. Bowes is Female Voice 2, and also seems a bit more serious, at least more than the male versions of the character. As with all, both serious and silly are both welcome in the universe of Saints Row.

Alex Mendoza - Mr. Mendoza shows his skills as Male Voice 3, with more a Latino focus on the character. I can hear the authority with his voice, which is just what a leader would need.

Rebecca Sanabria - As Female Voice 3 in both Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third, Ms. Sanabria has the experience of voicing the protagonist before and after the series took a more humorous turn. She excels in both.

Troy Baker - Now when Saints Row: The Third came out, The 3rd Street Saints went from just a gang to international superstars. So now the gang is a bit more like a brand, and the series became a lot more campy at that point. Troy is Male Voice 1 in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV. He mixes awesome delivery with supreme power.

Laura Bailey - Laura takes over the mantle as Female Voice 1 in the third and fourth installment. Her delivery and quirkiness is just what the series called for from then on out. Safe to say that she really nailed it.

Tara Platt - Now this is where insanity starts! Tara's version of the character is supposed to be a Russian General-like person. She refers to her fellow gang-members as comrades, and seems to have an affinity for Pierce. With a game that has no boundaries, this is quite a welcome addition.

Robin Atkin Downes - The Cockney accent returns with Mr. Downes, as his portrayal is very similar to Shaughnessy's, but only this time there are a lot more references to actually growing up in England. This version is hilarious to play as just as any other.

Steve Blum - By far the craziest option in the entire series, Steve Blum plays Zombie. All dialogue is replaced with grunts, and moans, and garbles. The one time he actually did get a chance to speak a real language was when all the gang members were getting things off of their chests with the possibility they may all die. Hilarity ensues.

Diane Michelle - In Saints Row IV, the Female Voice 2 was replaced with Michelle, who gave a completely new twist on it. An awesome way to add variety to the series by adding another ethnic tone. A job well done.

Sumalee Montano - As for the other female voice that was replaced, Sumalee takes on a homely woman from the Deep South. In committing sociopathic tendencies, she is always quite polite towards the people around her. Another hilarious addition indeed.

Nolan North - Last, and certainly not least is Nolan North as... Nolan North. The game literally lists this voice option as Nolan North rather than Male Voice 4. In Nolan's version, he is essentially playing a more personalized version of The Boss that makes allusions to Nolan North. As a game that makes many pop culture references, who better to get a voice from than a man who has had such an impressive resumé in games in the past years?

As for who I vote for, I really love Troy Baker's performance. It was insanely difficult to choose between Troy Baker and Nolan North in Saints Row IV though. Everyone did an awesome job, and it is completely understandable that one could prefer any of these characters to another, whether you are a fan of the earlier installments, or of the later. I for one, prefer the series where it is now, and with that, my vote goes to Troy Baker.



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