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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Sailor Mars with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Sailor Moon

Sailor Mars, also known as Rei Hino, is the third member of the Sailor Scouts, who manipulates Fire and Flames the element that she uses for attack. She also has various psychic abilities, and is engaged in her spirituality at the Shinto Shrine where she lives.

In the DiC dub of the anime, "Raye" was voiced by Katie Griffin for the better part of the series. After the dub came out of a short hiatus at the end of Season 2 (Sailor Moon R) to wrap up plot points, Griffin was away shooting a film, and Emile-Claire Barlow filled in for 17 episodes before Katie Griffin returned to voice "Raye" in the movies and remaining episodes of the TV series (Barlow later went on to be a permanent replacement for Sailor Venus).

Sandy Howell performed "Raye's" singing voice in the series.

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